Adventures Croatia: The ultimate tourist places for you to see

Croatia is considered to be one of the ultimate tourist destinations around the world. This Balkan country is home to some amazing sights and scenes. If you plan to visit this country, it will surely be an unforgettable experience. Croatia has many amazing things to explore, from historic ruins to medieval cities to different natural attractions. You will be able to experience it all.

Here are some of the most amazing places you must visit on your next Croatia trip. This is you would be able to get the ultimate Adventures Croatia experience.

Krka National Park

This park is situated in Central Dalmatia, Croatia. This park is considered a protected area for its historic sites, wildlife and amazing natural scenery. This place is mainly known for its various gushing waterfalls along with natural pools of clear blue-green waters. Once you visit Croatia, you can surely go to this place by car. The cascading waterfall is regarded as one of the main attractions of this park. Not to mention, it has other places to explore and visit as per your preference and needs. You are supposed to click some amazing photos while visiting this park.


Zagreb is known as the capital of Croatia. On the other hand, it is also the country’s largest city and metropolis equipped with modern and historic tourist attractions. There are two division of this city such as lower and upper town. All the historic cores are in the upper town. Tourists visit the upper town to explore palaces, towers, medieval churches, cobblestone streets, etc. There are other important places are also situated in the upper town such as Stone Gate, Dolac market, Strossmayer’s Walkway etc.


Korcula is mostly popular for being the birthplace of renowned traveller, Marco Polo. This city is located at Adriatic Coast of Croatia. One can easily reach this place by ferries from all the major cities in this country. Once you visit this place, then you are to experience some picturesque and amazing landscapes and other traditional places. Moreover, you will also get to see quaint towns, modern buildings and rich history. The whole experience of yours will be awesome to say the least. There are also vineyards, green forests and various charming villages that you will also get to explore. Your Adventures Croatia will be unique.


This place is situated at southern tip in the Adriatic Sea. This is surely known to be quite a popular destination for its ancient Roman theatre and other things. Most of the tourists thus visit this place to experience its Roman ruins and culture. Once you visit this vibrant city, you will have many things to see and do. On the other hand, the natural beauty and scene of this place cannot also be overlooked. You will surely have an awesome time to say the least. This is why thousands of tourists come to this city every year.

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