Some Good Reasons for You to Visit Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge

The Great Smoky Mountain has been gaining a lot of likings by the fellow travelers who love hiking and mother nature. It is an ideal choice for a small vacation with family and friends.

You get the most beautiful views of the mountains, its waterfall, the blooming wildflowers and the very exciting birdies.

The Great Smoky Mountain is said to have around 200 bird species, making this place a birdwatching paradise.

There are many rental cabins for you Pigeon Forge, which allow the perfect view of all the different species of birds arriving during the spring season.

You can spend days looking for all these variety of species with beautiful surroundings that can make your vacation worth it.

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Why do you find so many birds here at the Great Smoky Mountains?

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park has a variety of areas that have become home to all these different species of birds. They all come here to breed or take a break while migrating to other locations.

It is during the springtime the birds love to sing and even give birth to new ones. Even the weather and the wildflowers are just perfect during this time for the visitors to see.

The most common birds seen during this time are the mourning Dove, Barred owl, belted kingfisher, Barred owl, hairy Woodpecker, eastern phoebe and many more.

Why is Pigeon Forge Cabin a good choice for bird watching?

It is said that a Pigeon Forge cabin has many facilities compared to any other hotel or resorts.

Here are some good reasons why you need to opt for Pigeon Forge cabins:

  • They are spacious enough for your entire family to relax and enjoy. The living room is big enough for the whole group to have fun together. Even the bedrooms are spacious, with bathrooms attached to every bedroom.
  • All the best amenities are included here like the rooms airconditioned, private pools, bigger lawns, hot tubs, etc.
  • They have a fully-equipped kitchen so that you can prepare your meals as and when required.
  • The cabin has a huge lawn or a spacious outdoor area where you can party around with your loved ones.
  • This area is also kid-friendly, with your younger ones enjoying themselves, playing around, and having fun.
  • Most importantly, you have your privacy, as you will not have any outsiders entering your cabin area.

The Pigeon Forge cabins are so comfortable to live in, and that, too, is not so expensive. It is economical and has a great room for all those who wish to spend quality time with your family and friends.

The most well-known and the luxurious condo here at the Downtown is the Whispering Pines Pigeon Forge TN.

Along with spacious apartments, they have the most needed amenities like jacuzzi, in house pools, oversized balconies, sauna, fireplaces, etc.

How do you prepare for birdwatching?

Now that you have decided to visit the Smoky Mountains for bird watching, here are certain things to be prepared with.

Make sure that you have binoculars and a camera ready with you. Hire a good field guide who can help you get to the perfect place beforehand.

Birds at the national park love to hide away. So, it would help if you had patience. Get a chair with some snacks and water, but make sure you do not dispose any garbage there.

You might have to wait in silence to get a good watch of all these birds. Sit quietly, and you will be sure to get a lot of views of the different species of birds.

What are the best places to visit here?

Due to the continuous changes in the climate and terrain in the Smoky Mountains, you will find many birds nesting and living around in this habitat.

For this, you might have to get deeper into areas like Andrew’s Bald or Rainbow Falls to find a good view. Here are some lists of the best places to visit the birdies:

Cades Cove:

The Cades Cove is said to be 31 miles far from the Pigeon Forge. It has a 6800-acre valley with many historic buildings in the national park.

You will find many restored churches, log cabins and old grist mills. Due to its lower elevation and milder climates, this place has various bird species wandering around.

Here is a list of birds that you can keep an eye on:

  • Wood duck
  • Wild Turkey
  • Woodpecker
  • Killdeer
  • Yellow crown night-heron
  • Least Sandpiper
  • Red-winged Blackbird
  • Mourning Dove
  • Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Grotto Falls:

This is an easy 2.6-mile hike, perfect for hikers with families and small children. This place is heavily wooded, so it is excellent for birdwatching, where you will find many fine-feathered birds.

With the slight elevation and a cooler climate with the tree giving enough shades, this place is a home for white-throated sparrows and American Goldfinch.

Clingmans Dome:

It is the highest point in the Great Smoky Mountain. It can give you a 360° view of the entire place without obstructing artificial structures and the forest area.

If you are ready to walk for a while, you will get a unique opportunity to see all the seasonal birds, mainly in the northern climate.

The most common birds that can be seen in this area are north saw-whet owl, blue-headed vireo, red-breasted nut-hatch, rose-breasted grosbeak, olive-sided flycatcher, raven, brown creeper, dark-eyed junco and many more.

Parrot Mountain:

To check out the best exotic birds, you have the Parrot Mountain. March to December is the perfect time to watch these birds. Here, you will find many tropical species living in beautiful cottages covered by gardens on all sides.

The most common birds seen here are Lorikeets, Macaws, Toucans and Magpies. These birds love showing off here, and you can feed or touch them easily.

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